The Intern:

With Associates are a website development agency in London. At the most basic level, they are a purely relatable group of people and a pleasure to be around (I was not paid to write this).

The vision I have of the company, that I cannot help but come back to, is honesty. To me this is beyond any financial transaction as it operates on a totally human and non-fabricated level. This resonates around the studio and sets the scene here.

The service they offer is unique. They find themselves able to comment on the building of a website as the easy bit; it is the content and the relationship that makes the difference. They are also in a position to tell the client whether they are even the right agency to be taking on the work at all. "Have you tried free/cheap alternatives for your independent blog/startup?". The reason for this is so they are able to have the client’s full attention when they begin to focus on the work they do take on. This brings me back to the honesty I speak of and also introduces the level of consideration taken when they say “understanding the client’s needs”.

My position here began as an Intern, which was then followed up with the offer of becoming full-time. I have learnt that organisation is all it is cracked up to be and working around people with similar mindsets but different perspectives is something that is very important:

"A group of people must have a similar drive in order to collaborate productively, but it's from their ability to surprise or disagree with each other that good things come."

Mathew Wilson, Co-founder - WA

Having a background in the Arts and being part of an Artist collective in my spare time; these kind of comments could not be more fitting.

It is a relief to me that a company would embrace such debate and almost philosophising of ideas whilst trying to manage the intense consultation of clients; a quote from John Cleese springs to mind:

"My work was more creative than his [creative partner], simply because I was prepared to stick with the problem longer."

John Cleese, Actor

My experience after the first month is positive; my opinion now is as clear as it was when I first read the copy from past work of theirs. All I care about now is whether people think I have been asked to write this and if readers think it has been heavily edited by the founders to be presented here. Truth is, I have no reason to be negative and no time for dishonesty.

All of this gives me every reason to accept their offer.